Ennes Engineering designs and builds Lithium Ion Phosphate battery systems for residential and commercial power systems. Our battery systems utilize Lithium Iron Phosphate cells and feature advanced battery management systems. Our cells are manufactured in the United States and demonstrate excellent power, safety and cycle life characteristics.

Ennes Engineering battery systems operate at 48VDC making them compatible with standard solar system components. System sizes range from 5 - 50 kWh and can be customized to meet the needs and specifications of the customer.



Battery pack safety is a primary concern. Ennes Engineering uses Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) cells that demonstrate chemical and thermal stability superior to alternative technologies. Advanced battery management insures a safe and reliable energy storage system.


Ennes Engineering battery systems are a superior alternative to lead-acid batteries with up to 10X the cycle life, 3X the usable capacity and no watering required. Fast charge rates can reduce generator run time, saving on fuel and maintenance costs.


  • Customer Self Supply (CSS)
  • Off-Grid
  • Mobile / RV
  • Time-of-Use metering - Load Shifting


5280 Rackmount Battery System

The 5280 Rackmount Battery System is a 48 volt, 100 amp-hour complete battery system containing battery management and monitoring systems. Up to 10 units can be connected in parallel for storage from 5-50 kWh -